The BlueSecretDream

What exactly is the BlueSecretDream?

If there’s one thing that drives me, it is the word “SUCCESS.” Like everyone else on this earth, I did have my fair share of failures and hardships. It is the cycle of life that keeps us stagnant in the so-called “Rat Race.” But do we really want to stay in the race forever? I think not!

The BlueSecretDream has been conceptualized after long hours of reflection. These three words compounded together symbolizes the most important motivators in my life.

BLUE represents my favorite color. Blue, when used as an adjective, suggests sadness. For me it isn’t because Blue also represents water which is the most basic need to sustain life. It is therefore right to say that Blue represents LIFE.

SECRET made a huge impact in my life almost three years ago. I am talking about Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret.” After watching it in a Breakthrough training facilitated by Tito Ed, my life changed forever. I finally understood why I have been succumbing to “unexpected-yet-expected” events and why my life turned out to be mediocre. Secret is the power within all of us. Secret is POWER.

DREAM, for most of us, represents the series of images, thoughts, and emotions that happen during sleep. For me, Dream is the strong desire to reach a goal and purpose.  Dream is the DRIVE TOWARDS SUCCESS.

The BlueSecretDream tandem is a perfect representation of who I am and who I will be in the future. It is my life’s work, it is my life’s purpose. Simply put, BlueSecretDream is…

“Using Life’s Power to Drive Towards Success.” – B.L. Guadiz
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