Posted by: B.L. Guadiz | June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!!

Today is Father’s Day and somehow the usual third Sunday of June this year is different. The smell of toasted bread didn’t fill the kitchen. There’s no one sitting at the end of the table trying to swallow what he’s chewing. There’s no one calling out “Buy me a newspaper when you get back from church.” Today is not like every Father’s Day we had in the early years.

Instead of kissing Daddy on the cheek while greeting him with a resounding “Happy Father’s Day!” we were busy preparing to hear mass. We even brought along Avyo, a Lhasa Apso dog who became my parents’ instant apo (grandson), to church. Today is different. The Father’s Day we had last year is completely different.

After mass, we went to the cemetery where Daddy is laid to rest. He died last year before Christmas on December 6, 2010. After more than a month’s stay in the ICU of the hospital, he passed away. He’s gone but his spirit stays with us forever. Today is Father’s Day and all we can do is visit him in the cemetery and pray.

We can no longer give him a peck on the cheek or kiss his hand. He went on to the next life, waiting when we too will join him in the after life. I cannot express how I feel and the only way I can reach him is through writing this post.

My dad and I are not always close. Most of the time we argue about my hardheadedness, my stubbornness. I know I have been at fault so many times but with pride surging through my veins, I cannot stoop down to accept my fault.

In the past five or four years, my dad and I didn’t argue anymore. I just understood how he feels as my father. I just listened to his teaching and stayed mum all these years. I can feel him holding me when I’m in deep thought. Writing is a passion we both share. This is the skill I inherited from him and I’m thankful for it.

Daddy, wherever you are, I’d like to greet you Happy Father’s Day. With all my heart and soul, I wanted to say I love you, three words that I have often neglected to tell you when you were still with us. I know you’re watching over us right now and we thank you for not leaving us astray.

We will take care of Mommy who misses you terribly. We are all here for her. We miss you Daddy! I love you!


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