Posted by: B.L. Guadiz | June 14, 2011

Helping Future Nation Leaders Get a Headstart

To tell you honestly, I have been very busy balancing my time because of impromptu requests of my mom. Last week after the first day of classes, my mom asked me to drive her to pick up some bags filled with school supplies. After gathering the supplies, I volunteered to pack them up for the next day deliver. You can just imagine how tired I am for classifying 60 bags intended for 60 less fortunate children.

Anyway, we delivered the bags to the three different schools with the poorest Grade I pupils in their classes. The teachers carefully selected each pupil from their class and most of them, I’m afraid, are not even wearing slippers. =(

I brought the camera with me because I wanted to send some pics to GMA’s YouScoop that day. My mom wrote the caption for the event and I was able to send it at around 8PM. We were anticipating the YouScoop coverage the following day on 24 Oras but sadly, it was not featured. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that Typhoon Dodong was making headlines at the time.

The children raised their hands in unison when asked if they wanted to become teachers someday.

Today, while surfing through sites, I decided to checkout GMA’s YouScoop site and I was surprised to see 2 familiar pictures posted in the news archive. They were the same pictures I have submitted last week. I told my mom about it and she’s excited to submit a new batch of pictures for when we visit the Grade I pupils who received the bags.

These are the Grade I pupils of Casibong Elementary School, one of the three schools we visited, who received the bags. My mom is standing right there, wearing a blue-green blouse. =)

They were planning to visit the children next month, with me tagging along of course, and check on their progress. Sad to say, most children who go to school fail to complete their elementary education because they are not motivated enough if their parents don’t give them money to spend (baon).

I am praying and hoping that these children learn to cherish the bags given to them and value their education. These are the future leaders of our country. They are the keys to trigger change for our nation. A more positive change I hope. I guess I’ll see them again next month to bring smiles to their faces one more time. =)


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