Posted by: B.L. Guadiz | June 13, 2011

The Push Cart Analogy

In the afternoon while watching an unfamiliar news block on television, I caught a glimpse of President Noynoy Aquino’s speech during the celebration of the 113th Independence Day in Cavite yesterday. Aside from remembering our forefathers who fought for the country’s freedom from the Spanish rule, the President also reiterated the need to free Filipinos from the clutches of corruption.

It is pleasant to hear such a wonderful promise but at the back of my mind I wonder if this promise is really going to happen. How many presidents promised to end corruption once and for all? None of them succeeded. Will it be different this time around? I wonder…

The thing is, even if Pnoy is sincere to end all kinds of corruption in the government, he can’t do it alone. If every single one around him stays out of line then he can’t do anything to resolve such a thing. Let’s face it, if the big boss does it, then everyone will follow him. It’s just how it is.

I didn’t have the energy to listen to the rest of the news and blissfully hope for something that is literally impossible to do, for now at least, so I turned off the t.v. and directed my attention to more pleasant things.

After a few hours, I received a call from my cousin asking for my assistance on an errand she has to do. Helpful as I am, I went with her to pick up a package and her sister from work.

While we were in the city, an unexpected detour was set for the mall. While waiting for my cousin, I noticed two grocery employees pushing a long line of push carts on the parking lot. One was pushing on the tail-end while the other was trying to keep the front-end on track. It’s like watching a slithering snake on the parking lot making its way to the mall entrance towards the grocery store.

But then it made we wonder, are we like the two employees pushing the carts? Somehow I see the President as the employee trying to control the direction of the push carts line. He is keeping the country on track towards the direction he is trying to steer for us. The other employee who has been pushing the carts on the tail-end represent us Filipinos. If we do not support him, if we do not push Pnoy, our country isn’t going anywhere but here.

The push carts in the front-end may represent all the government officials who are seated in the top ranking positions. They do have their flaws and they tend to go in another direction because of corruption. Keeping them in line sure is a difficult task for Pnoy.

I could just imagine the sweat being secreted by the two employees pushing the carts. Perhaps if all of us unite to make our country better, we can help the present administration to do its work well without being misguided. What do you think?


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